"Why would my child need chiropractic care?"

Nerve blockage and spinal misalignments in children may not be obvious to parents, and when warning signs do exist chiropractic assessments might not have been considered. But spinal checkups are vital for growing children, as the "dis-ease" they cause can lead to a generalized weakening of the child’s body and immune system, ultimately leading to related health conditions.

​Corrections of spinal misalignments, or subluxations, reduces postural, nerve and other stresses on a child's body. For decades parents have noticed a range of positive changes in their children following chiropractic adjustments, including improvements to asthma, anxiety, mental stamina, hyperactivity, and concentration. 

There are also certain warning signs that may indicate the spinal column is out of alignment:

Chronic fatigue - One hip or shoulder higher than the other - Shoulder blades flared out - Hyperactivity - Frequent falling - "Noisy bones" - Skin conditions - Foot turned in or out - Joint aches - Can't stand still - Neck tilt - One leg shorter - Nervousness

"How can chiropractic adjustments improve my child's health?"

Chiropractic is not a treatment for diseases or other medical conditions. But  when a child (or adult) is ill, their spinal cord and nervous system need to be working optimally for the necessary messages and energy needed for healing to travel unimpeded from the brain throughout the body.

If your child is suffering from any of these common conditions they should be checked for subluxations.

Fever - Croup - Poor posture - Constipation - Weakness or fatigue - Hearing problems - Arthritis - Irritability - Neck, head, back or stomach aches - Bronchitis, asthma, wheezing or persistent cough - Poor coordination - Skin disorders - Arm, hand, shoulder, hip, leg or foot pain - Colic - Hypertension - Bedwetting - Ear infections - Numbness - Eye problems - Sinus problems - Frequent colds - Poor concentration - Scoliosis

 "At what age should I get my child's spine checked?"

 Start when your child is born -- just as you would your baby's first visit to the pediatrician. Spinal subluxations may arise as early as birth. A baby's spine can be injured by a difficult delivery, breech presentation, use of suction or forceps, or other stress caused by delivery. 

Children should have their spines checked periodically, just as they have regular “wellness exams" by their pediatrician. Childhood is full of physical activity. Running, jumping, sports, falls and accidents are a normal part of childhood. Yet they all can cause spinal misalignments. 

Why not begin including periodic chiropractic spinal checkups as part of your child's routine wellness exams?

Chiropractic & Healthy Children