Your second visit:

At your second visit, your chiropractor will review with you the results of your exam and nervous system scan, answer your questions, and discuss your treatment plan. You can expect this visit to last between 15 and 30 minutes.

Follow-up visits:

Adjustment appointments last about 10-15 minutes, depending  on what your doctor has included in your treatment plan. Your chiropractor will also schedule periodic re-exams and nervous  system scans, according to your treatment plan, to track your progress and adjust your treatment as necessary.


What to Expect

Before your first visit:

When you call to schedule your first visit, we will be happy to, at that time, take your insurance information, so that we may verify your individual benefits before your first visit, or you may bring it with you to your first appointment.  If you would like to complete your paperwork, you may download the forms , or we will be happy to provide them to you when you arrive.

Your first visit:

On your first visit to our office, you'll be greeted by one of our patient coordinators Annette, Sigrun or our Office Manager Karen.

They will go over any necessary paperwork and insurance information with you. Your chiropractor will meet with you perform an exam and nervous system scan. They will explain the spine and nervous system and how they relate to your health and wellness, and answer any questions you might have. Often times, your first adjustment will be included in this first visit.  Your chiropractor will clearly explain to you the details of your treatment.  You can expect this visit to last between 30 and 45 minutes.